About Us

Presentation Secondary School, Ballyphehane, was founded in 1966 as a Secondary Top of the 1950′s Maria Assumpta Primary School. In 1969 it became a full Secondary School under post primary Branch of the Department of Education and later initiated post Leaving Certificate programmes as well as being to the forefront of curriculum development. The school began with 18 students and now caters for up to 400 students. In 1987 a magnificent new extension was completed.


Our school has always being to the forefront of development. The Presentation Sisters were founded by the pioneering Nano Nagle, whose vision of education for all has been implemented by the management and staff since our foundation. This has meant an open door policy towards every child and our school has been enriched over the years by students from cultures other than our own. Through these students, international links have been made, while strong links with the community are a vital part of the ethos of our school.


As the Global Village shrinks, we are constantly forging connections with the rest of the world, to assist in the development of every student.


“Presentation Secondary School, Ballyphehane strives for excellence in a Christian environment”


“Ag saothrú na sáraíochta, le spiorad na Críostaíochta”

Student Support

1st Year Induction

At Presentation Secondary School, we make every effort to make the transition from Primary to Secondary school as easy as possible. We are very aware that this transition is can cause some anxiety for both students and parents alike. Therefore, we take the following steps to ease that anxiety.

  • A School-in-Action day when students are in 5th/6th class, so they can begin to become familiar with the school environment and experience the ‘School in Action’.
  • A multi activity camp to bring the students in to the school again and get to know some of the girls that may be in their class as well as some of the teachers.
  • In June, incoming students and parents are invited to meet with the Principal or Deputy Principal individually to voice any concerns before commencing 1st year.
  • We have a ‘Meitheal’ (Support) group in place for 1st year students made up of 5th year students. Each 1st year student is allocated a ‘Cara’ (friend) who will be their mentor for the duration of their 1st Year
  • The ‘Meitheal’ group will be involved in our 1st year induction day in August, as well as organising lunchtime activities for the students, which will make lunchtime a social, active time for students


Guidance and Counselling

The role of the Guidance and Counselling service at Presentation Secondary School is:

  • To assist each student in their personal, educational and career choices.
  • To support each student educationally.
  • To provide a support to students experiencing difficulties in their lives.


The service is operated by a qualified and experienced guidance counsellor, together with a strong Student Support Team who meet weekly. The aim of the team is:

  • To keep ‘Well’ students ‘Well’.
  • To organise different events and talks that will keep the girls aware of mental health issues.
  • To organise different events that will encourage physical activity for the whole student population.
  • To deal with any student difficulties as they arise and organise support for either an ongoing or for a once off difficulty.

Student Leadership

Student Council:

All of our students are encouraged to join in with the development of our school community. Year groups from 1st to 6th year are represented on the Student Council through Class Prefects. A Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl are also elected.

The aim of the Student Council is to promote the interests of the school and the involvement of the students in the affairs of the school in cooperation with the Board of Management, parents and teachers. This partnership works for the benefit of the school and its students. The Student Council works with a liaison teacher and meets once a week.

Meitheal Group:

A 5th year support group, who are a ‘Cara’ to 1st year students. Students apply in writing and are interviewed to take up this role. They are also provided with expert training to enable them to take on their role with confidence.

The ‘Meitheal’ group are a key peer contact for 1st Year. Students are involved in the 1st year induction day and meet with 1st year students regularly throughout the year.

Supervised study

Supervised study is provided to all students from 1st to 6th year for 2 hours after school each day. It is also provided during the February midterm break and the Easter holidays. It is particularly beneficial for all students. Supervised study:

  • Gets students into a homework / study routine
  • Provides students with a quiet homework/study environment, particularly for students who have younger siblings at home
  • Is beneficial for students whose parents may be working
  • Allows students to relax once they go home


Opportunities for Parental Involvement

The support of Parents, as your daughter’s Primary Educator is essential. At Presentation Secondary, Ballyphehane, we facilitate and welcome the participation of parents in the following way:

  • An active Parent Association
  • Parent Nominees for the Board of Management
  • Informal coffee mornings for parents of each year group
  • 1st year information night
  • CAO information evening
  • TY information evening
  • Subject choice information evening
  • Graduation and Awards evening
  • Annual Parent/Teacher meetings
  • Personal appointments

Awards Ceremony

Students’ achievements and endeavours are recognised through our annual Awards Day. Students may receive awards in the following areas:

  • Achievement
  • Dedication
  • Most improved
  • Attendance and Punctuality
  • Subject Achievement
  • Nano Nagle Award
  • Extra-Curricular participation and achievement
  • Music
  • Student of the Year
  • School Spirit Award